Weekly events

There are organised club events every day except Sunday.   Guests or non-members are welcome.   There are coordinators for each activity, who may be contacted for further details.   Details of times, and phone numbers for coordinators, can be viewed below.

The cost for members is $5 ($7 for evening sessions when lights are required).    Non- members are required to pay a surcharge of $4.    Players do not have to play every week, but should attend close to the starting time, although they do not have to stay till the finish time.

There are also a number of private members groups, which are by invitation only.

Further to below, there is also group and private lessons as well as a Tuesday night competition for all levels (you are matched with someone your own ability), a Wednesday beginner social group and a Saturday competition for 5-16 year olds.  Contact the coach Brandon Rowe on 0400 403 323 for more details on these events run each school term.